A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Friday, May 25, 2007

Leaving Cusco

I woke up, having to go to the bathroom. This was the view out the window. It was so ethereal with the lights moving up the mountain like stars and the statue of Christ in the distance (not in the photo) Not the best photo, but you might get an idea of what it was like.

We only had the morning in Cusco. We did some gift shopping. I bought an Andean cross for my mom and one for John.
I really enjoyed Cusco and we could have stayed longer for sure. Too many things to do and there just wasn't enough time. Therefore, I'll have to go back :-)
Kate picked us up around 12:30 to take up to the airport. We were flying back to Lima.
We had insisted on staying in Barranco, the artist's district of Lima.
Our flight was good and we were picked up by Mariel and a driver. Nice car too.
Lima stinks! I found it very difficult to breathe.
The drivers are extremely aggressive and would not like to drive there myself.
I was missing Cusco and Machu Picchu and not feeling so good about being in Lima.
Barranco is considered a suburb of Lima and as we got closer, the streets changed. We drove along the ocean. My first sight of the Pacific. Not real impressive. Beaches didn't look very nice at all. No sand. Dirt.
Finally we turned onto a short street that ended with a fence. Just before this fence/gate was a most beautiful door.
Oh MY GOD! Jackpot!
We were greeted and welcomed inside this beautiful courtyard filled with scuptures. Inside this tudor house, more art hanging on the walls. More sculptures.
We were staying in a museum!
Upstairs was our room. A room with a view. Large windows with the Pacific ocean view. We had two rooms. I took the smaller room next to the bathroom. Mai-Liis was used to sleeping in larger beds, and I didn't care. She deserved this for finding this gem of a place. I also figured being next to the bathroom, I wouldn't disturb her if I got up.
Outside the room was a sitting area and from there a balcony. Sitting on a couch looking through a large coffee-table book of art, I suddenly realized the art in the book matched the art in the house. We were staying in a famous artist's house!
I just LOVE my life!!!!!!!!!

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