A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Color, color, color!!!

Next morning, we went out to see this parade in the plaza. We watched for awhile until some not-so-colorful soldiers came. This was upsetting Mai-Liis and I was more than happy to leave. To me, that is the ugly part of life.

Walking around the perimeter of the plaza or square, we of course were approached by more people selling things. I think they were more aggressive in Cusco than anywhere else. Either that, or I was getting tired of it. It got to a point where you couldn't walk in peace without someone trying to sell you something... even to the point of it being harrassing. We started walking towards the San Blas area where the artists district was. Unfortunately, it was Sunday. I noticed some places were closed. But most of the "stores" were open and many were on the street selling there work.
I noticed the difference already. Some macramed pieces with stone were nice, more original. Mai-Liis found a small shop with stuff for her shrines. Small dolls. I bought 2. One boy, who was very kind and tried his hardest to sell me artwork, gave some suggestions to go. One being a museum that we didn't go in. He did not leave us for long. Always showing up, following us to sell me that one picture that I had shown an interest in while Mai-Liis was inside shopping. I did end up buying it.

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