A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Magic Hands

We walked around the sqare. It was a beautiful view from this restuarant. Cusco is higher than Machu Picchu. 11,ooo ft.
I always seemed to be followed by someone selling me artwork. As I walked along, this place caught my eye. I stopped to take some pictures of the sculptures in front, thinking of Jake. The young man, still by my side, repeated, "Magic Hands, Magic Hands". The store sign said open, but the door was blocked by the sculptures. He whistled to a man on the corner, and he quickly came over. Mai-Liis was ahead of me looking at another store. The man opened the store and I followed him in.
He locked it behind me. Not the most comfortable feeling, but it was quickly replaced with a feeling of trust and comfort as the man asked me my name and if he could take my hand.
He told me my aura was orange and green, and asked me if I was familiar with the chakras. I told him I was and he added that the Inca's have two more, one at the eyes and the mouth.
He asked me to repeat my name again. He spoke using my name. "Doreen needs to listen to her heart more. She is too much in her head" He called me a "crazy, analytical woman", laughing as he said it. He said he saw much confusion. "Sometimes there are two Doreens" ( Doreen, the indecisive one! I understood this only too well) "Sometimes, there are as many as 5 Doreens.
I think my eyes must have been wide in amazement and I'm sure my mouth was agape. He talked about the negativity sitting on my shoulders and along my neck. I thought about this. It is the block between my head and heart!
He moved his hand from his head to his heart while telling me I needed to be in my heart more. He said I take small problems and turn them into big ones.
This man knew the seat of my problems. I worry too much. I analyze things to death and blow things out of proportion. Things that are not necessarily so. I don't know them as truth, just imagine the worse. Sleepless nights filled with worry and for some things because I did not know for sure and only imagined them. Worry.
He came behind me and placed his hands on my upper back/neck area, showing me where I held this negative energy. Interestingly, it is the throat area. Unexpressed feelings.
He was a soft-spoken man. I felt at ease with him, although excited at the same time. We had found our Shaman! I was excited to tell Mai-Liis. He asked me to read something while he went into the back room. He brought out a printed sheet for me to read, but I was having a hard time focusing on it.
Mai-Liis came to the door but was unable to open it. I went to the door and told her that only one person could come into the store at a time.
Je'sus was in the back with my talisman and he came out, saying it was ok, she was an artist. I did not say a word about her. How did he know that? He opened the door for her and he went into the back again. Mai-Liis saw him in the back, doing some kind of ritual with my talisman. I know she had questions, but I was trying to read the paper he had given me, not knowing if it was important or not. It was a write-up about him. Telling about himself from this guys point of view and when I realized it, I knew I didn't need to finish reading the whole thing.
Je'sus came out with my talisman. He showed me the stone, the front being a fire opal for protection. The back of it was an image of various stone. The first was a magnetic stone, Ematus, placing a pin that held to it. This attracted only negative energy. The next two stones, Moonstone and Bullshorn, relaxed and transformed the negative energy and the next two stones, Lapis and serpentine expulsed it out and turned it into pure energy for me.
He told me that I would be clear in three months.
He mentioned that I was first affected by this at thirteen. At first I thought 13 years ago, but he said age 13. I could not think of anything at the time.
Later during lunch, I had a feeling of it being Laurie's death. I was 13 or 14. I was carrying around guilt for not seeing her before she died.
Since I have been back, I have felt wonderful. I have been having wonderful experiences and I have felt so happy and peaceful. There has been a shift in me and I cannot be sure if it is just from the whole trip or being with Je'sus. It doesn't even matter. I have been going around in love with life!


Living Out Loud said...

I have been waiting and waiting on your account of this experience! I find it interesting that you, "the anyalytical" one, remember so much more about this than I do. I was overcome with emotion, emotion which I had no idea what to do with. I also was barely listening when Je'sus told me of the stones in my talisman, I was too overcome by the baby condor feather in mine. Just exactly, why, I don't know, but I want it next to my heart. Even now when I think of it, I want to cry.
By the way, I LOVE orange and green.....I own nothing amethyst.

Luna lunera said...
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Doe Grozs Art said...

Luna Lunera, I have some questions. Can I email you please?

Luna lunera said...

Si, claro. Puedes escribirnos a bigandlittlesister@hotmail.com , y hablamos.
Un saludito!

dk said...

Hello, I am interested in these postings about Jesus because I recently had an experience with this same man. What I am a bit suprised by is the similarities of our stories. I entered his place in Cuzco in the same way with another woman and basically I was told of the exact same things, ie my past lives are condor, man, butterfly, and medicine woman,etc,etc and the other woman was told she was a crazy analytical woman, etc. and we were both given the exact same pieces of jewelry!! What do you make of this?

Doe Grozs Art said...

Well, dk, the thing is, I have gotten quite a few responses like yours. Seems our friend has the same story line. You'd think he'd change it a bit... We returned to Peru the past May but he was closed. The thing is, while we were there it was such a nice energy and experience. I still wear my "talisman" because I like it, but it took the wind out of my sails, when I learned he told everyone else the same thing. oh well.
So, did he tell you about your full moon ritual? which talisman did he give you? the opal or the one with the condor feather?
Oddly enough, I'm feeling it's not that big of a deal. I don't cherish the idea we were dupped, but my friend got a lot out of the moon ritual... you can look at it two ways.. take it positively (but maybe not so seriously) and learn from it... or feel bad about being conned. It's true I live more in my head than my heart and that I turn little worries into big worries, but I guess there are a million other people that do the same.
Hey, if you want to email me @ dgrozinger@yahoo.com to talk more, that's fine.
I am curious as to your experience.

Chaska Peacock said...

Well, I cannot bear to wear my "talisman" with the condor feather as it represents LIES. Yes, I did get a lot out of the moon ritual, and I can get over feeling stupid about it....BUT, I am so tired of his getting away with the same story for so long.
I am going to put a stop to it by making his gig known on the internet.exum

dk said...

He gave me the condor feather with the 10 month ritual..only difference was that "I am using only 15% of my power". Life is always intereting...we may have been given insight..but not into what we thought we were given. I will email you sometime but I am travelling and don´t quite have time now. Best wishes

Doe Grozs Art said...

dk, enjoy your travels! Wishing you safe journeys and yes, email me whenever you get a chance.
Would love to hear about your travels....

Anonymous said...

I've just been on face book talking with my daughter travelling in Peru.She is furious too as she feels totally duped by this man.He said all those things to her and that her boyfriend had a block between his head and his heart,etc,etc.She had been a bird of prey in the past and was only using 15% of her powers,blah,blah ,blah!!They also were given those necklaces only they paid $100 ea for them.She was just livid about the whole scam while I tried to send her some positive energy to try and snap her out of it and persuade her to put it behind her,as they had been having such an amazing time up till then!Too bad that this "shamman"has to spoil peoples trust in humanity and rip them off!He'll one day come face to face with his maker and pay for his deeds!!In the meantime I hope people learn of his scams BEFORE encountering him

Doe Grozs Art said...
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Meredith said...

Ugh, I had the exact same experience a couple of weeks ago. He is still using the exact same story (I was the amethyst butterfly/macho man/condor/medicine woman with 15% of of my powers and a moon ritual, my friend was the orange/green chakra with the energy problem). We went back after reading these online and demanded our money back. He gave it to us but his energy had totally changed -- he was shady, mean, weird instead of the calm, spiritual man we bought them from. He said he didn't have the money because someone else had JUST come in to also demand a refund. I am writing to Lonely Planet and Frommer's -- I encourage other people to do the same! If enough people write then they will hopefully put a warning in their books.

Anonymous said...

wow, now I read this story, I'm a also disappointed. I'm a girl with the orange-green story... actually my aura should be yellow... what about yours?
I also bought a neckless. but the intresting thing is that for me it works pretty well. I guess I'm having a good placebo effect on it ;)! the experience was really magical, just too sad that that the shaman isn't a bit more creative with his stories...
for any more questions die.da@gmx.ch

nathan said...

This guys is bad news. If you search around on the internet you'll find dozens of stories about him ripping off tourists. I actually think his jewelry and storytelling is really beautiful and valuable. However, that does not give someone the right to lie and misrepresent who they are and what they are selling. Please realize that there is nothing magical about Magic Hands. Just a fraud with some neat jewelry and good stories.

Anonymous said...

Hola, the good news about the scams Jesus is trying to play on people is that I found your blog and that of many others who confirm the same thing. Jesus of Cusco is a charlatan and Magic Hands is only magic because it can fleece you of your funds in search of spiritual awareness.

Thanks for keeping this up for others to find. He almost had me. I will also post this information to TripAdvisor, Peru, Cusco pages for others to be warned.

Journey Dr

Anonymous said...

Hi there to all of you,
Many people can be told the same story in life,it is not the story that is the issue. What is important is what you learn from the story, what it means to you and what you choose to do with those learnings.
You went to Jesus for a reason. You were looking for something and what you found was something inside of you that resonated.
Don't lose sight of that or you lose what you went there for.

Doe Grozs Art said...

what I find interesting is how many people "resonated" with one or the other story!
thanks for your perspective on this.
and we do need to keep in mind, the message is always out there to look at, mirrored back to us.. and we need not shoot the messanger, but rather look to what we need to know from the message..
still, on that note, and it is an issue that resurfaces, is one of being taken advantage of.

Anonymous said...

how much of the 600 soles does doe gros art get?

Doe Grozs Art said...

Anonyomous.. not sure what you mean by this.. what 600 soles? and I don't get anything of 600 soles..
so, please explain what you mean, please...

Steve said...

Hi I'm from Belgium,
I”m 48 years old, as all who visit Peru, I achieved my dream to know Machu Picchu. They were my last 2 days and wanted to use up my last minute walking through the streets so narrow and pretty. I know more than 40 countries (I think I lost count) but the most beautiful experience happened to me in Cusco.

I heard some drums that sounded, in a small park, was the San Blas neighborhood, where many travelers take a break, listening to the music that some street musicians play. I sat down to enjoy this beautiful music, when unintentionally I heard a comment from 2 tourists who sat beside me.

The man said, " Try it, possibly my aura is not good."

This aroused my curiosity, The Woman got up from his seat, walked a few steps and pushed a door, which did not open. The woman blushed, turned around, approached his companion and said: "Surely my aura is also bad." They got up and went their way, but always looking at that glass door that had a sign that read "Magic Hands".

My curiosity got the better, as I approached, I felt something strange as fear, and at the same time temptation to push that door and I did immediately.
Surprise! , A smiling man with long hair opened the door and he said, "Hi, I was waiting for you , welcome" and he asked me if I had information about his store. I said no, I just walked and I made him a comment about the people who minutes earlier could not enter. And he said:

- "Surely ,they don’t need me" (He told me smiling)

- I replied right away, do I need you?

- Of course, your head will explode , because of so much curiosity.

He told me that my aura was light blue, immediately asked, and what does it mean?
He said I was a foolishly romantic man, that I love writing, and that “people like you are very few in this world, very pragmatic, that’s why you suffer ”.

It was totally true, many tears welled up in my eyes, and I hugged him. I felt like a child that saw his father after a long time. He said this was my third failed marriage. And it was all true.

I had hundreds of questions hovering in my head. I managed to ask only ,what should I do?
He walked to a compartment inside his shop and showed me a blue amulet (a very very pretty small stone with eye-shaped and silver frame). He said that “this stone will give you courage and power to focus the problems of others without getting involved too much,” and most importantly It will give you a great spiritual and material vision. "This is just what you need"

More tears flowed from my eyes and with some hesitation I asked: And what should I give you for this ? It was hard to say for me (how much is it). And with a sad-eyed but smiling at the same time he told me $ 220.
As was the end of my trip, my third divorce, my bank account to zero, it was impossible for me, I only had 80 euros for my last 2 days in Peru and my taxes at the airport. Oh my God, what do I do?

It was incredible, Jairo Jesus, took the necklace, and he put it on my neck and told me that in 3 or 4 months when your financial situation is better, and working You could send me the money and he explain to me that he was a romantic fool like me,too . Wow! This was amazing, this happened to me on June 14 last year, at 3 pm. I will never forget that day. Two months later I sent the money and now my son who is 20 years will visit Cusco in May. My son says he does not care too much about Machupichu, He just want to know Jairo Jesus and I reply sarcastically, "I hope that He will open his door."

I am never separated from my amulet and I thank God for the June 14 last year.

By the way , I found this links ,they are really interesting..



Brussels – Belgium 2010.

J.P said...

Lyon, France.
Jean Pier (former skeptical doctor)

Following the disasters in the city of Cusco and the opening for the tourists after a long time, I looked at some reviews on the Internet about Magic Hands (What an injustice!).

I am also a person who visited Magic Hands on my last vacation, and I bought an amulet for $ 300, recommended by Jairo de Jesus. At first I thought it was expensive, but then I thought I paid too little for such a big help. I use it to walk, play sports, when I travel, or when I'm in the operating room, and before starting an operation I took my amulet and remember Magic Hands that since I entered his establishment, he told me I had "healing power in my hands. "

For the same reason that I am a specialist in general medicine, I was the most skeptical of everyone I know.
I share my story through the Internet because I have read some mails where some people attack: very subtly and some diplomatically the work of this so-special Man .

Me as a physician, if 1000 people come to my office with a strong stomach infection, To these 1000 people I am going to prescribe them the same: Antibiotics.

In this world there are millions and millions of people with the same virtues and problems. If Magic Hands prescribe you any plant or a charm, I think you should take the luck of being able to enter the store of Jairo de Jesus.

I thank fate for having guided my steps to this store: Magic Hands.
And if you think you are unique in this world and you do not have peers , then call your planet for picking you up.

Good luck.

(I really love Steve´s story..)

Doe Grozs Art said...

I'm finding this kind of interesting that this is now swinging to the other side (neg. to positive )
Your take on this is what my "teacher" told me.. it's kind of like taking asperin.. lots of people take the same remedy.. It is the first time I have heard of anyone going in and being told they had a blue aura...
ps.. I still wear my amulet.

Anonymous said...

I also had the experience at Magic Hands, I was one of the green-orange auras, with analytical woman, condor, etc.
I actually believe that Jesus has some abilities, probably weak ones, and he uses them to exploit tourists.
I am in Cusco now, and recieved a full refund of 600 soles for my pendant (the fire opal). I talked with Jesus for about an hour trying to convice him that he doesn´t need to push his bullshit. In fact, his jewelry and art are quite nice on their own. Then again, if he is able to trick one tourist a day, it´s a pretty good living.

If the pendant gives you comfort, so be it. But if instead it makes you feel completely duped, then that´s a perfectly honest reaction as well. It´s definitely what I felt, and I don´t have grandiose visions of being special in this world. I´m just a spiritual person on a spiritual quest. Lesson from this experience: don´t be gullible, as much as you want to believe what you are hearing.

thank you to the owner of this blog for giving us a space to share this.

Anonymous said...

i just returned from Peru and it's the same old story with Jesus. however,he does seem so honest when you meet him and goes into the color aura stuff. mine was orange,green, problems with shoulder and neck,etc. I'm glad I didn't purchase the necklace he showed me. I figured that his whole spiel was a sales pitch. He even told me that he went to medical school in Cuba and has hospital about 9 hours from Cuzco. he's a very convincing con artist and probably lives in a gorgeous condo somewhere and drives a Mercedes. However.it was an interesting experience. we all were given the same script. Did anyone else find out about his "Hospital"?i think he was a car salesman in a previous life or even worse,a politician

Rad8love said...

I see this thread is pretty old but I am another who bought the fire opal from Jesus- the crazy analytical woman. I love my amulet even though he may be a fake. It was a fun, expensive, travel experience but if I hadn't spent my money there, it would have been somewhere else.

I remember being taken with him at the time, but I had just found out I was pregnant at the time and remember wondering why he wasn't able to tell if he was such a powerful healer.

Regardless, I wear my amulet all the time and like to think it deflects negative energy, especially when I'm at work.

I've recently been wondering though if the fire opal is a real stone or if it's glass. That would really piss me off...

Anonymous said...

Well... I'm having a disappointing read through these posts.
May I introduce myself as the amethyst aura woman -you know, the butterfly/macho man/condor/medicine woman with 25% of of her powers...

Funnily enough my partner was the orange/green aurad one with the energy problem...

I placed a great deal of importance on my necklace, spending the last bit of travelling money I had on it. Now I feel really deflated.

Advice to travellers -go see Jesus, that was an experience in itself, but don't buy into it.

Disappointed, UK

White lotus said...


I was so amazed when Jesus told us that my partner was crazy analytical and I was a medicine woman. It really described us to a tee - and the ritual he gave me seemed like finally the answer to my prayers. Now I see that Jesus was not what he said he was and it is, as someone else said, so deflating. I will continue with my ritual as I feel I am getting a lot out of it, but I will never be able to look at that talisman and what we thought of as a magical part of our Peru experience the same way again. Did anyone else get the story about how the famous people come to visit his hospital??? Cameron Diaz was supposed to have visited the week before we did.

I really thought I was/am a good judge of these things. It just goes to show... :o(

Doe Grozs Art said...

White Lotus, he did mention someone famous, not Diaz though, someone else but forgot who...