A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Messages in stone

I had to wait awhile before getting a clear shot of this doorway. The stonework impressed me - to say the least... and then this one area caught my eye.

It was the dark areas on the rock. It was different. Later on I walked down beneath it and saw another rock on the ground that was carved.
I had to listen to a tour guide to discover that it was a condor head and neck carved into the rock and the back wall of stone which had black streaks in it, was the condors wings.
The condor had taken on a significant meaning for me on this trip.
Before my trip, I had a dream of being high on a mountain. I was all alone on the top with dirt and stone. On the side of the mountain, to my right was a large rock jutting out of the side of the mountain with a large bird, black and white. He was perched on the side and then flew off into the sky before me. When I looked down into a valley below I saw my mother's house. The dream was vivid and I felt in my heart it meant something. I later discovered it was most likely a condor, learning that the condor was the messenger.
The condor took on an even deeper meaning later in the trip.

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