A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Discovering Barranco

If we walked to the right at the end of our short street, we would be in a quieter area. A church, restuarants and stores. Artists were selling jewelry on the street. (bought a piece :-) We walked around the plaza or square. The furthur away from it, the less we liked it. One restuarant we ate in also sold the ceramic tiles I had been looking for. They also had an english menu.
If we walked to the left, we passed some residental area before going into a more city-like area. Traffic, markets, school - very busy.
I envisioned it differently.
Most people stay in Miraflores area of Lima and that is a very upscale beautiful area, but if I would stay in Lima again, it would be here.

VERY large cactus.......

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