A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Leaving Machu Picchu

We were leaving. One the bus ride down, there were these children we would see. I thought maybe they were scouts or guides of some sort that took people on the trail up to the mountain. They would wave as the bus went down the mountain. Our driver picked this one up and he went through the bus begging for money.
I gave him some soles. One or two, but he didn't say anything. Not even a smile.
We ate in a really nice restuarant in Auguas Calientes. Twice. They were very accomadating and we were able to order the food we wanted. I had fish and sweet potatoes (really good) and corn. Their corn was watery and large. I didn't like it.
They had entertainment. Music and dancers. I loved the painted wall and tiles that held the buffet.
We were to catch the train, Vistadome at 3:30 to Poroy. Kate was meeting us there about 6:20. I later learned it would be an hour more to Cusco if we stayed on the train and driving was only about 25 minutes.

The train ride is nice and worth the money if you are on for awhile. We were served refreshments and were entertained with dancers and a fashion show of alpacha sweaters. I loved the scenery and an added gift of a rainbow.. Always nice to see a rainbow. A promise to return? I hope so.
It was sad to leave. I cried a lot on this trip. I am not quick to cry but this trip overwhelmed me in so many ways. The beauty, the people. I was so filled to the brim with all of it. .. but we were on to Cusco and I was looking forward to it.

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